5 Unique and Interesting Facts About Surfing You May Don’t Know


Surfing is one of the reason why beaches are popular and being what they are today. Just take a look at the popular beaches in the world today, most of them are possible for the visitors to ride the waves. Surfing has also been the popular fun sport. So, when it is comes to talk about the beach activities, we won’t forget to include surfing as one of them, right?

Interesting and unique facts about surfing

To know more about surfing sport, let’s have a look for the interesting and unique facts about it you may have never been known before. I am sure there will be one of them will make you laughing or even being sad.

1. The term of Hang Eleven

Surfing is also has a sense of humour. The “hang eleven” itself is referring to a male that is surfing in naked. Whatever you are thinking about it, I am sure that there is not a single mistake about what you have in mind.

There are beaches for that, especially that supporting the nudist. But hopefully I won’t be the one doing it. I have too many ashamed things in life and have no interested in adding it with that.

2. Surfing can be deadly, as well

Surfing is fun, that’s for sure. But, it is also dangerous and that’s the fact. Many surfers around the world loosen their life because of being injured by their own boards or eaten by the sharks. Big-wave surfing is also the reason of that. So, when you are trying to learn about surfing, you’d better know the beach and the sea very well. No matter how you are thinking that surfing is worth your life, it is not fun at all when your life is the one to sacrificed for.

Make sure that the beach has no rocky bottom, asking about the sharks life in the sea you are surfing, and many more that can harm your life. Act now for that is more worthy than a surfing itself.

3. Ever heard about the non-surfing beach bum?

Have you been met a guy pretending as a surfer, but he was actually not? That’s whose the beach bum is. And in surfing itself, there is a term for that people. They are called as the “Hodad.” So, next time if you meet a strange guy at the beach that start getting your attention, you’d better tell him to go surfing first. In case his boardshort or surf trunk is part of his camouflage.

4. Getting most challenging experience in surfing means for the biggest and highest wave

One thing that can be dangerous for the surfers are when they keep on requiring theirselves to get more challenging experiences. In the other hands, challenging experience in surfing itself is mostly means that the surfers have to ride the biggest and highest wave ever.

While that kind of wave is rare, it will also be the hardest wave to conquer as well. This is where you have to actually afraid of your own dream because this can harm your life as well.

5. Not only for us as human, there is also a surf competition for the dogs

Surfing dogs have been documented since the early of 1920s and until today, there is even the dogs surf competition which is interesting to watch. You can visit the surfdogevents.com to see the competition schedule and events Imperial Beach and Huntington Beach at California.