A Kind Travel with Komodo Liveaboard


Summer is a perfect time to hit the Komodo National Park and set sail with Komodo liveaboard. It’s the time when this beautiful frontier bloom at it finest. Jagged islands, clear sky, and bright blue waters would compose most of the landscape—offering a slice of heaven for all wanderlust. Unfortunately, this time would also be the peak of tourism, where the barren hills gets crowded by travelers and the waters receive more than a hundred of divers each day. Amidst the fun and the hustle and bustle of travel, people often forget that this UNESCO World Heritage site is actually a fragile ecosystem. Now, it’s time to be more conscious to our surrounding on our travel, and this is how you can start a kind travel during your sailing trip in Komodo liveaboard.

A Kind Travel with Komodo Liveaboard

Visit Sea Turtles Conservation Camp

While the Komodo dragons, being the last of their species, receive pretty huge protection from the local government, the other animals don’t necessarily receive the same attention. It’s a great idea to plan a visit to Komodo’s sea turtle conservation camp before the embarkation. They are mostly run by non-profit, non government organisation and would gladly welcome any contributions!

Do Beach Clean Up

Komodo’s beaches are hands down among the best of beaches in Indonesia. They are starkly white. Some of them are even pink. Most of them were largely untouched by mass tourism and still kept pristine in their natural condition. But that doesn’t mean that they are waste-free. Sadly, you can see remnants of plastic waste piled up or getting washed to the shore. Make use of your Komodo holiday to give something back to the nature by cleaning up the beaches! Be sure to communicate with your Komodo liveaboard operator if you could bring a bag full of trash onboard and dump them in the nearest landfill.

Be Aware to Your Surroundings

Kind travelling is not all about being conscious to the nature. It also means getting more aware to your own social surrounding. Look at other passengers in your Komodo liveaboard; is there’s any senior citizen that need help to go up and down the deck? Is there any single parents with cranky kids that might need a little help? Try to be easy to offer help, extra seat, or even throwing thankful smile to the boat’s crew. Be kind, always.

Use Only Non-Toxic Products

Know that the beautiful ecosystem you see in Komodo is fragile, and just a little reckless things from travelers could do a serious harm. Be cautious to every product you use on the Komodo liveaboard. Do your toiletries contain SLS, chlorine, and other toxic chemicals? Is the sunscreen you are using damaging the coral reefs? Whenever possible, opt for natural.

Limit Plastic Use of All Kind

We all know how harmful our plastic waste to the mother earth—especially to the ocean. It would be totally unwise to bring a lot of one time, disposable plastic product on a sailing trip. So ditch your mineral water bottles and minimise snacks and food supplies with plastic wrappers.  

Pack Unused Clothes and Goodies for Local Charity

Some Komodo liveaboard make stop on Mesa Island, one of remote fisherman village within the KNP. It’s a small island with rather dense population, with cheerful kids in their makeshift street toys ready to hug any travelers coming to their little village. Despite of their cheekiness, most of them are still living below the standards and this visit could be a a great time to donate your unused goods. A pack your old books, clothing, or school supplies would make a great difference in the lives of others in this community.