Best Prep to Have Scuba Diving in Bali


It’s hard to resist a trip in Bali when you have dive deeper (pun intended) to the word of scuba diving. There are just more than reason to have scuba trip in this Island of God. A handful of world class dive sites, exceptional marine biodiversity, blooming coral reefs and gorgonians, and the presence of rare animals such as pigmy seahorses, mola mola, and manta ray are just to mention a few. This place can be a little heaven for divers and all marine explorers alike. With the right preparation, it could be your best scuba diving holiday ever. Here’s what you need to prepare and take notes to have the best scuba diving experiences in Bali.

Best Prep to Have Scuba Diving in Bali

Keep in Mind that Bali Has A Handful of Best Scuba Diving Sites

If this is your first time coming to Bali for scuba holiday, you are going to be confused—in a good way. You will find dozen sites recommended as the best scuba diving in Bali. The most popular are Amed, Tulamben, Menjangan Island, Seraya Secret, Manta Point Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Temple Garden Pemuteran, and Crystal Bay. You will find many other site outside this list. It’s really important to do a little research about Bali’s dive site before going. Each sites are unique! Know what you want to see or do in Bali and pick dive sites that match your interest. 

Mindful Packing is Essential

You know all time divers’ mantra: “pack half what you think you need”. Well, when you are having scuba diving trip in Bali, it’s better to be more mindful. It’s not about packing as light as possible—it’s about packing smart. With a bunch of dive sites to visit, know that you’ll probably moving resort every other night. Sure, you can always wash your clothes, but could it dry in time? Do you want your shirts emit funky smells? Pack more clothes than you think could actually save you more time—and stay clean in the same time. 

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Bring the Right Wetsuit

The water in Bali is quite warm, so the 3mm dive suit is usually enough. You can even wear the shorty if you want. In fact, shorty and the 3 mm are the most common type of rental suits in many Bali dive centres. If you are planning to have some deep dives (more than 60 meters below the surface), you might want to bring your 5mm dive suit. 

Going to Bring Your Personal Gears Set? Better Bring Them All

When you have so accustomed to dive with your own set of gears, diving without them would feel quite awkward. If you are not planning to rent, make sure you bring all the set of your gears. If you forget something, you probably won’t find the one that match with the rest of your gear in the dive centre. The best strategy to have scuba diving in Bali are either bring all set of your dive gears or bring nothing at all (or just set of dive suite and mask), and rent gears at dive centres.

That’s right. You can always rent the gear at your dive operator. They will prepare what you need before the trip as long as you give them a clear detail. But be aware, however, that equipments on dive centres are usually pretty standard. That’s why they probably can’t replace what you need if you have a set of advanced or professional gears.