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Solo Travel And Your Personal Growth

Travel is known to offer many benefits both physically and mentally. It can be exhausting yet rewarding at the same time. It can tire you physically but make your emotional state sated. People travel for different purpose. You can have your own type of travel you truly enjoy. Some people enjoy travelling in group with large or small members participating. Some travelers like to travel alone to gain more freedom in a matter of decision making. However, it is also often that people are scared to go solo travelling especially for the first experience. It can be daunting. However, there are also many benefits of solo travel especially for your personal growth. 

Solo Travel And Your Personal Growth

The impact of solo travel for personal growth

Personal growth is not something you can build overnight. Sometimes, it goes to different direction you want it to be. Personal growth needs to be developed continuously and constantly. The level of personal growth might be different from one individual to another because each person faces different struggle. Thus, every individual may have their own goal for their personal development. Some people might thrive to gain more courage and confidence while others aim to be more level-headed and mature. 

More Confidence on the Flow

Personal development is necessary so you have more confidence in expressing your body language, better in articulating your ideas through words, and have stronger personal relationship. You can gain develop your personal growth through specific training. However, you can also get it through solo travel.

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Growth with Challenges Outside Comfort Zone

Solo travel is the moment where you will be put and exposed to something out of your comfort zone. However, it is different from when you travel in group because in solo travel, you are on your own. You make your own decision of where to go and what to do. It teaches you to develop your independency. It is not an easy feat because you will be surrounded by fear, insecurity, and challenges. Those can discourage you to explore more but you can also use them to strive. 

Practice on How to Adapt

Through solo travel, you will be forced to adapt yourself in new environment while interacting with new people with different culture and background. Solo travel can be overwhelming but it is so rewarding. You will have to move beyond fears if you want to develop your personal growth. Besides, personal development is not a one-time thing. It is needs long-term practice and solo travel is one of many ways you can learn to keep developing your personal growth. 

Enrich Social Experiences

Personal growth includes your social experience. Through solo travel, you are forced to reach people out. You have to be brave to speak to the strangers and ask what you need for smooth travel. However, this kind of social experience doesn’t have to be nerve-wrecking, you can make it fun by casually making friends. This can also help improve your social and communication skills which will be useful in the long run. Through solo travel, you also become more comfortable to be alone. It means, you can use the time to get to know yourself better.  

Best Prep to Have Scuba Diving in Bali

It’s hard to resist a trip in Bali when you have dive deeper (pun intended) to the word of scuba diving. There are just more than reason to have scuba trip in this Island of God. A handful of world class dive sites, exceptional marine biodiversity, blooming coral reefs and gorgonians, and the presence of rare animals such as pigmy seahorses, mola mola, and manta ray are just to mention a few. This place can be a little heaven for divers and all marine explorers alike. With the right preparation, it could be your best scuba diving holiday ever. Here’s what you need to prepare and take notes to have the best scuba diving experiences in Bali.

Best Prep to Have Scuba Diving in Bali

Keep in Mind that Bali Has A Handful of Best Scuba Diving Sites

If this is your first time coming to Bali for scuba holiday, you are going to be confused—in a good way. You will find dozen sites recommended as the best scuba diving in Bali. The most popular are Amed, Tulamben, Menjangan Island, Seraya Secret, Manta Point Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Temple Garden Pemuteran, and Crystal Bay. You will find many other site outside this list. It’s really important to do a little research about Bali’s dive site before going. Each sites are unique! Know what you want to see or do in Bali and pick dive sites that match your interest. 

Mindful Packing is Essential

You know all time divers’ mantra: “pack half what you think you need”. Well, when you are having scuba diving trip in Bali, it’s better to be more mindful. It’s not about packing as light as possible—it’s about packing smart. With a bunch of dive sites to visit, know that you’ll probably moving resort every other night. Sure, you can always wash your clothes, but could it dry in time? Do you want your shirts emit funky smells? Pack more clothes than you think could actually save you more time—and stay clean in the same time. 

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Bring the Right Wetsuit

The water in Bali is quite warm, so the 3mm dive suit is usually enough. You can even wear the shorty if you want. In fact, shorty and the 3 mm are the most common type of rental suits in many Bali dive centres. If you are planning to have some deep dives (more than 60 meters below the surface), you might want to bring your 5mm dive suit. 

Going to Bring Your Personal Gears Set? Better Bring Them All

When you have so accustomed to dive with your own set of gears, diving without them would feel quite awkward. If you are not planning to rent, make sure you bring all the set of your gears. If you forget something, you probably won’t find the one that match with the rest of your gear in the dive centre. The best strategy to have scuba diving in Bali are either bring all set of your dive gears or bring nothing at all (or just set of dive suite and mask), and rent gears at dive centres.

That’s right. You can always rent the gear at your dive operator. They will prepare what you need before the trip as long as you give them a clear detail. But be aware, however, that equipments on dive centres are usually pretty standard. That’s why they probably can’t replace what you need if you have a set of advanced or professional gears. 

Best Things about Travelling with Kids

A lots of people say that travelling with kids is stressful and exhausting. It comes with valid reasons. You see, kids are active human beings that needs constant attention. Thus, travelling with them requires you to stay alert all the time to make sure they are safe, comfortable, and happy. It is easy for you to forget your own happiness because you are so dedicated to your kids. Of course, it is not a bad thing. Indeed, you should be attentive to your kids during travel. However, you can also have fun and make the most of the trip even if you bring your little devils to your trip.

Taking your kids to family vacation

Travelling with kids often requires you to prepare much early and thoroughly because you need to book accommodation and travel activities that will be kids-friendly for the sake of their safety, comfort, and happiness. However, travelling with kids is not always as exhausting as you imagined. There are also best things about travelling with kids you can truly enjoy.

Best Things about Travelling with Kids

Your Happy Pills

Kids can be your living vitamins throughout the trip because they are such a happy pill. Their little acts and gestures are precious and lovely than you can’t even get mad when they throwing tantrums in the middle of the trip. Kids are fun by nature. They are always in wonder in everything so it will bring the fun of yourself. Sure they can be noisy and cranky sometimes especially when the journey is too exhausting or when they are too hungry. However, they are easily amazed by little things. Their eyes will light up when they see something interesting and that’s the best moments for parents.

Giving Most of Your Time to See Their Happy Faces

Travelling with kids means you dedicate most of your vacation time watching them to make sure they are fine and safe. This may sound terrible because then you won’t be able to enjoy the vacation yourself. However, think of it as a good distractions from pile of work at home. Your focus will be on them most of the time which allow you to disconnect your mind from work-related stuffs. Thus, the vacation will be more valuable because at least you will be stress-free of work.

Create Lasting Memories

Travelling with your kids is a great way to create memories. You see, kids are fast to grow. It is so easy to miss some moments in your life. However, travelling with them allows you to create more memories so when the time they grow up, they can look back at the memories through photos, videos, etc. They will be able to see their cute self.

Kids Give More Privilege

Travelling with kids also gives you more privilege than when you do it solo. People will be more tolerable to you and the trip will be easier for you. For example, people will treat you with respect and let you to get in the attraction site first when you have kids with you. People basically love kids and they like spoiling kids.

A Kind Travel with Komodo Liveaboard

Summer is a perfect time to hit the Komodo National Park and set sail with Komodo liveaboard. It’s the time when this beautiful frontier bloom at it finest. Jagged islands, clear sky, and bright blue waters would compose most of the landscape—offering a slice of heaven for all wanderlust. Unfortunately, this time would also be the peak of tourism, where the barren hills gets crowded by travelers and the waters receive more than a hundred of divers each day. Amidst the fun and the hustle and bustle of travel, people often forget that this UNESCO World Heritage site is actually a fragile ecosystem. Now, it’s time to be more conscious to our surrounding on our travel, and this is how you can start a kind travel during your sailing trip in Komodo liveaboard.

A Kind Travel with Komodo Liveaboard

Visit Sea Turtles Conservation Camp

While the Komodo dragons, being the last of their species, receive pretty huge protection from the local government, the other animals don’t necessarily receive the same attention. It’s a great idea to plan a visit to Komodo’s sea turtle conservation camp before the embarkation. They are mostly run by non-profit, non government organisation and would gladly welcome any contributions!

Do Beach Clean Up

Komodo’s beaches are hands down among the best of beaches in Indonesia. They are starkly white. Some of them are even pink. Most of them were largely untouched by mass tourism and still kept pristine in their natural condition. But that doesn’t mean that they are waste-free. Sadly, you can see remnants of plastic waste piled up or getting washed to the shore. Make use of your Komodo holiday to give something back to the nature by cleaning up the beaches! Be sure to communicate with your Komodo liveaboard operator if you could bring a bag full of trash onboard and dump them in the nearest landfill.

Be Aware to Your Surroundings

Kind travelling is not all about being conscious to the nature. It also means getting more aware to your own social surrounding. Look at other passengers in your Komodo liveaboard; is there’s any senior citizen that need help to go up and down the deck? Is there any single parents with cranky kids that might need a little help? Try to be easy to offer help, extra seat, or even throwing thankful smile to the boat’s crew. Be kind, always.

Use Only Non-Toxic Products

Know that the beautiful ecosystem you see in Komodo is fragile, and just a little reckless things from travelers could do a serious harm. Be cautious to every product you use on the Komodo liveaboard. Do your toiletries contain SLS, chlorine, and other toxic chemicals? Is the sunscreen you are using damaging the coral reefs? Whenever possible, opt for natural.

Limit Plastic Use of All Kind

We all know how harmful our plastic waste to the mother earth—especially to the ocean. It would be totally unwise to bring a lot of one time, disposable plastic product on a sailing trip. So ditch your mineral water bottles and minimise snacks and food supplies with plastic wrappers.  

Pack Unused Clothes and Goodies for Local Charity

Some Komodo liveaboard make stop on Mesa Island, one of remote fisherman village within the KNP. It’s a small island with rather dense population, with cheerful kids in their makeshift street toys ready to hug any travelers coming to their little village. Despite of their cheekiness, most of them are still living below the standards and this visit could be a a great time to donate your unused goods. A pack your old books, clothing, or school supplies would make a great difference in the lives of others in this community.

Reasons Why Surfing Should Have Been Introduced to Your Kids

Surfing is one kind of water sports that providing both the fun as well as the dangerous side. If you think that it is fun for riding the waves, you should have also been thinking that in some sea areas, sharks are also being watching the surfers all over the world.

But no matter how dangerous the surfing is, there are reasons why your kids are even recommended to be introduced about it. Let’s see what are those and do they worth for the kids.

Introduce surfing to kids
  1. Since surfing itself is a sport, so in general it will be good for our health including for the kids.
  2. Improving swimming abilities since being the kids. Through surfing, kids will be helped in develop the navigating through water, waves and currents.
  3. Teach the kids about being balance on the surfboard and how to coordinate. Kids or even the teenagers are still developing their motor skills where surfing can help them in that.
  4. Good for their mentality and soul. Surfing is a sport that combine the swimming, the waves, and the courage. Not many people are dare to be inside the water so when the kids will be introduced to it since earlier, at least they may not getting a certain phobia relates to it.
  5. Close to nature. There are so many things you can do to be more close and commune to nature and one of them is to surf at the beach. Who would have guessed that it can also contribute in making the kids to appreciate the environment even more? It doesn’t rule out the possibility that in the future, they will also investing more in how to preserve the nature especially the beaches or ocean life.
  6. It can be an affordable and great exercise for many of us. At least, you will only need a surfboard and heading to beach to start getting all the benefits the surfing can gives you. If you have kids, I think it will also not only as one of the affordable exercise but surfing with your kids will also be the chance to be more closer to the kids in fun way.
  7. Kids are possible to be introduced in how to ride the waves even when they just got at age 2. So, you won’t wait for long just to show and join them in a surfing day.
  8. Surfing will also be a moment for the kids to know about the beach safety.
  9. Surfing is possible to make the kids to be more open up to the others. One of the kids “disability” where their parents are struggling with today is the shyness. Imagine if there will be some surfers at the beach around your kids doing the same thing as they are, I think kids will also be connected with them ever since they are practicing the same interest.
  10. Kids may have phobia or at least they are so vulnerable to many things that can cause them to be traumatized by anything. The interesting thing about surfing itself for them and all of us is it has the therapeutic benefits we can get. Therefore, surfing is not only mastering the skills, not only for fun, but it can even be used to helps us getting through some of our life’s challenges.

Surfing has been a family-friendly sport and exercise where there are no problem at all to introduces it to your kids as long as you are watching them carefully when they have been starting to ride the waves at the beach. And if you are interested with this, you’d better finds out the good surfboard for your kids now.

5 Unique and Interesting Facts About Surfing You May Don’t Know

Surfing is one of the reason why beaches are popular and being what they are today. Just take a look at the popular beaches in the world today, most of them are possible for the visitors to ride the waves. Surfing has also been the popular fun sport. So, when it is comes to talk about the beach activities, we won’t forget to include surfing as one of them, right?

Interesting and unique facts about surfing

To know more about surfing sport, let’s have a look for the interesting and unique facts about it you may have never been known before. I am sure there will be one of them will make you laughing or even being sad.

1. The term of Hang Eleven

Surfing is also has a sense of humour. The “hang eleven” itself is referring to a male that is surfing in naked. Whatever you are thinking about it, I am sure that there is not a single mistake about what you have in mind.

There are beaches for that, especially that supporting the nudist. But hopefully I won’t be the one doing it. I have too many ashamed things in life and have no interested in adding it with that.

2. Surfing can be deadly, as well

Surfing is fun, that’s for sure. But, it is also dangerous and that’s the fact. Many surfers around the world loosen their life because of being injured by their own boards or eaten by the sharks. Big-wave surfing is also the reason of that. So, when you are trying to learn about surfing, you’d better know the beach and the sea very well. No matter how you are thinking that surfing is worth your life, it is not fun at all when your life is the one to sacrificed for.

Make sure that the beach has no rocky bottom, asking about the sharks life in the sea you are surfing, and many more that can harm your life. Act now for that is more worthy than a surfing itself.

3. Ever heard about the non-surfing beach bum?

Have you been met a guy pretending as a surfer, but he was actually not? That’s whose the beach bum is. And in surfing itself, there is a term for that people. They are called as the “Hodad.” So, next time if you meet a strange guy at the beach that start getting your attention, you’d better tell him to go surfing first. In case his boardshort or surf trunk is part of his camouflage.

4. Getting most challenging experience in surfing means for the biggest and highest wave

One thing that can be dangerous for the surfers are when they keep on requiring theirselves to get more challenging experiences. In the other hands, challenging experience in surfing itself is mostly means that the surfers have to ride the biggest and highest wave ever.

While that kind of wave is rare, it will also be the hardest wave to conquer as well. This is where you have to actually afraid of your own dream because this can harm your life as well.

5. Not only for us as human, there is also a surf competition for the dogs

Surfing dogs have been documented since the early of 1920s and until today, there is even the dogs surf competition which is interesting to watch. You can visit the to see the competition schedule and events Imperial Beach and Huntington Beach at California.

The Best Ways to Experience Surf Camp Holidays

Surf camp holidays is one of the best thing to experience in your life. It is not as simple as the travel package as the others. It is providing you the adventures, knowledge, friendship, and new way to explore the surroundings.

How to experience surf camp holidays the best ways?

For those who have not been familiar to a surf camp holidays, it is a surf course for everyone even for the non-surfers who want to start learning about how to surf. No matter how bad are you in using the surfboard and no matter how unknowledgeable you are about surfing, no one can stop you from experiencing this travel idea but yourself.

If you are interesting in this and want to gives it a try someday, you will need to know the best ways to experience the surf camp holidays at its best so you can really enjoy your holidays moment.

How to experience surf camp holidays at its best?

It doesn’t matter how often you are in experiencing the surf camp holidays, sometimes, you still need to know some insights from the others so you can really spend your valuable holidays the best ways. For the first-time surfers, you will surely need some advises in how you can spend your valuable time in more quality holidays.

1. Ask your friends to join in a surf camp holidays

One of the best thing that can make a trip is more valuable and unforgettable is by experiencing it together with your friends. Today, there are even many friend getaway’s travel packages you can choose and one recommended among them is the surf camp holidays.

It is always interesting to learn something new with your friends as well and I think that being on a surf board along with your friends will really lives up the day. You will have more fun and more skills to have. Surfing itself is not an easy thing. In fact, it is pretty much challenging. Being on a surfboard is not as easy as it seen.

So if you are requiring a travel idea with your friends that is challenging, fun and it will possible to be a skill, then a surf camp holidays is the top answer for that.

2. Find the surf camp that has been providing you all the required equipment

If you are travelling close with your neighbourhood or far away to another country, it is always better if you have the lighter luggage. Especially when you are experiencing the surf camp holidays itself, I think that you don’t really need to buy and bring your own surfboard, right?

Surfing can be the new thing for many of us while the surf camp itself can be the main gate in how to getting to know about it. Later, you can then decide whether or not you want to experience more of the sport.

Buying more equipments for something you don’t really sure that whether or not it will be your future hobby or sport will only make you spending money on something you may not need.

So that, if you are interesting in gives a surf camp holidays a try, you’d better started it by choosing a surf camp that is allowing you not to bring any equipment at all because there have been team that were doing it for you.

3. International certified surf instructors

You may are thinking that a surf camp with international certified instructors will cost you more money. In fact, I think that it won’t really affecting in how much money you should spend.

There are even many surf camps with international certified instructors that will only cost you from under $50 per night up to hundreds of US Dollar that will make you think that most of the surf camps are still affordable enough.

In the other hands, finding the surf camp with the international certified surf instructors will beneficial a lot for you. You will not only get knowledge and skill from the international instructor, but you will also handled by the real professional that will really care about your comfortability as well as your safety as well.

Dealing with Group Dispute When Travelling

Travelling with big group of people can be so much more challenging than you think. Of course, it is fun and exciting to be able to spend your dream vacation with many people whether they are friends or families. You won’t feel lonely throughout the vacation because if constant present of the others. You also have someone or rather people to be ready at your back when you need during the trip. Besides, the budget for travelling with group tend to be more cost-efficient.

Dealing with Group Dispute When Travelling

How to deal with dispute in group when travelling

Aside from positive impact of travelling with group, there are also potential problems that may arise anytime. The real cause is that every individual has different personality, wants, and needs. Thus, it is easy to clash in everything even in a small thing such as what foods to have for lunch. Dispute within the group sometimes is inevitable. Here are some tips to deal with it:

  • Avoid any clash and dispute from the beginning by telling your group about the plan of the trip. It is important to make decision for the trip beforehand so all people in the group agree to it. Therefore, if there is clash somewhere in the middle of the trip, you can always remind them about the plan prior to the trip and stick to it. It is also highly recommended to point a leader or some sort to be mediator or manager of travel group. Those who are appointed have right to make decision for the sake of the group.
  • Find the real root of the dispute between members of the group. If it is small things that can be discussed and solved right away, solve it immediately. Do not wait until everything is piled up and become bigger problems. Handling a group of people with different minds is challenging. Therefore, discussion is needed to break any dispute. By talking, everything will be easier to solve.
  • Respect each other’s wants and needs. There must be a time when some people in the group want different things from the others. Instead of making argument and causing dispute, it is better to go separate ways for that particular moment. For example, some people in the group want to go to the store A for shopping. Meanwhile, there are others who want to go to store B to do so. And there are others who want to stay. It is better to respect each other and go separately. You don’t have to be with your group 24/7 during your vacation because it can create more clashes than necessary.
  • Try to spread positive energy even in the middle of dispute. It is easy to get riled up when your opinion is clashed with others. However, it is important to think of the problems with logic instead of boiling emotion. Remind yourself and your group that everything has solution anytime problems arise during your vacation. Unresolved dispute can ruin the entire mood of the trip indeed.

Moments of Travelling That Make You a Happier Person

You decide to travel with purpose. It can be to get rid of piled up stress, to let yourself relax for a moment, to find inspiration, or simply to spend spare time when you can. There are many reasons why people travel to new places from time to time. It is not surprising anymore that travelling can make people addicted to it. Somehow, travelling can make you happier. Of course, there are travel hassles you also have to deal with sometimes. However, the impact of travel you take in general is often positive. It can be due to the place, the experience, and many other things.

Moments of Travelling That Make You a Happier Person

Travel moments that make you happier

There are many moments you can create and experience first-hand when you travel to new places. The moments begin with when you plan to when you return from the trip. Every moment you gain from travelling are valuable. However, there are significant moments during your trip that can make you happier. Here are some of them:

  • The moment when you can arrive at the airport on time. It is not a secret that airport moment is one of the most common travel hassles travelers face from time to time. From late arrival to delay fight, there are many chances that your travel can be ruined through airport moments. Thus, when you arrive on time and you don’t have to deal with long line in airport check, everything eels lighter. Your mind is filled with high expectation of smooth travel and unforgettable trip.
  • Another moment of travelling that can make you a happier person is when you meet interesting people in the middle of your journey. Be it when you are on flight, on train, or at the airport, there are many chances to meet people you have never known before. Yet, there is rare moment where you meet new people and get connected right away. This moment will only make you feel delighted about your trip because you make new friends in the middle of unknown place. This is even better when you can maintain your friendship even after the trip ends.
  • You will be a happier person during your trip when you greet the locals and they greet you back happily. Some travelers don’t like interacting with people they meet at their travel destination. Some of them tend to do it due to their own shyness and some others choose to do so due to their wariness of meeting new people. However, interacting with the locals can be your happiest moment during your trip.
  • Next moment during your vacation that can make you a happier person is when you order foods you don’t even know yet they taste delicious and you love them. Ordering foods in a place you barely know with different culture and all is like gambling. It is often for travelers to order foods and can’t truly enjoy them due to unpleasant taste. Thus, having great foods with great taste during your vacation is a happy moment to savor.

Why Travelling Since Early Ages

Travelling offers many benefits for you whether you realize it or not. It may seem like simple thing that anybody can do. However, it is more meaningful than that. Those who are frequent to travel have more chances to grow up and change to become better in many aspects. For some people, travelling might be simple trip to do in order to escape from hectic works of daily basis. However, travelling can be a life-changing moment for others.

Why Travelling Since Early Ages

Benefits of travelling since early ages

Some people are wondering when it is the right time to travel. Some may say it is wise to start travel from early ages while some others think otherwise. Travelling to many places in frequent can be challenging especially for youngster who haven’t gained many experience yet. However, travelling can contribute to self-growth so doing it since early ages can be more effective. You may also have different opinion on this. However, here are some benefits of start travelling since early ages:

  • If you travel during early ages, it allows you to learn many life lessons you won’t find at home. It helps you to grow up differently. There are more chances for you to learn many things and since you are still so young, the ability to learn is faster.
  • Starting to travel in your early ages also allow you to build your confidence. Lots of youngsters have difficulty to express themselves and have the confidence they need to face life. Of course, there are many factors that cause it. However, you can learn how to build your confidence through travelling. During your trip, you will be interacting with new people eventually whether you like it or not. Even if it is kind of forceful thing to do, you will get used to it. As the result, you will be able to do it naturally because your confidence has been built eventually.
  • When you start travelling from early ages, you will be able to grow up with more open-mindedness because you have seen many things throughout the journey you made. Travelling allows you to have better understanding of how the world works because you have seen people in different circumstances as well. Thus, you will have better view of life. You won’t get easily disappointed of small things because you have faced bigger things.
  • Travelling since early ages can also strengthen your physique. There are so many people who are prone to sickness when they travel to new place. Some people are also prone to motion sickness due to their lack of experience to travel. Thus, you will be able to improve your health and strengthen your body by travelling a lot. Your body will get used to different environment and situation so it will easily adapt to any kind of circumstances. You will also have active tendencies if your body is used to travelling. You won’t get easily tired of simple activities especially if you have experienced tough journey during one of your travel moments.