Dealing with Group Dispute When Travelling


Travelling with big group of people can be so much more challenging than you think. Of course, it is fun and exciting to be able to spend your dream vacation with many people whether they are friends or families. You won’t feel lonely throughout the vacation because if constant present of the others. You also have someone or rather people to be ready at your back when you need during the trip. Besides, the budget for travelling with group tend to be more cost-efficient.

Dealing with Group Dispute When Travelling

How to deal with dispute in group when travelling

Aside from positive impact of travelling with group, there are also potential problems that may arise anytime. The real cause is that every individual has different personality, wants, and needs. Thus, it is easy to clash in everything even in a small thing such as what foods to have for lunch. Dispute within the group sometimes is inevitable. Here are some tips to deal with it:

  • Avoid any clash and dispute from the beginning by telling your group about the plan of the trip. It is important to make decision for the trip beforehand so all people in the group agree to it. Therefore, if there is clash somewhere in the middle of the trip, you can always remind them about the plan prior to the trip and stick to it. It is also highly recommended to point a leader or some sort to be mediator or manager of travel group. Those who are appointed have right to make decision for the sake of the group.
  • Find the real root of the dispute between members of the group. If it is small things that can be discussed and solved right away, solve it immediately. Do not wait until everything is piled up and become bigger problems. Handling a group of people with different minds is challenging. Therefore, discussion is needed to break any dispute. By talking, everything will be easier to solve.
  • Respect each other’s wants and needs. There must be a time when some people in the group want different things from the others. Instead of making argument and causing dispute, it is better to go separate ways for that particular moment. For example, some people in the group want to go to the store A for shopping. Meanwhile, there are others who want to go to store B to do so. And there are others who want to stay. It is better to respect each other and go separately. You don’t have to be with your group 24/7 during your vacation because it can create more clashes than necessary.
  • Try to spread positive energy even in the middle of dispute. It is easy to get riled up when your opinion is clashed with others. However, it is important to think of the problems with logic instead of boiling emotion. Remind yourself and your group that everything has solution anytime problems arise during your vacation. Unresolved dispute can ruin the entire mood of the trip indeed.