Experience the Natural Beauty of Piaynemo Island

Piaynemo Island

Are you planning your next tropical destination? If so, then visiting Piaynemo Island may be what you are looking for. The Island is located in the Fam group; it is a small cluster of islands that are the absolute symbol of paradise. Often known as the most magnificent spot in the Raja Ampat, this place has caught the attention of Instagrammers, photographers, and travellers from all around the world. The remarkable scenery that you can enjoy from here envelops the true beauty of Raja Ampat Island. You can see the deep turquoise water with limestone formation throughout the islands and watch a view of the sunset that will leave you amazed.

Where is Piaynemo Island?

The Island is located in the west of Gam Island, it’s often called Little Wayag. Little Wayag can be seen at a balcony on the top of a rocky hill. To reach the balcony, you have to climb 350 wooden steps. Although the place is quite long, the views are wonderful, and you will be surprised with the blue crystal of the water, the stunningly lush islands dotted around, and the bird and marine life that lives here.

What will you find at Piaynemo Island?

When you arrive at the Island, you will find yourself faced with the 300 stairs are in good repair and aren’t so hard to climb. This amazing trip, of course, aims to get to the top and look out over one of the most breathtaking landscapes. You will see the small islands rising out of the clear water from the viewpoint. One of the most spectacular views is looking out over Star Lagoon and Telaga Bintang.  It is a beautiful star-shaped lagoon that makes for a stunning backdrop to your holiday pictures. Over there, you also find several small stalls where you can buy a fresh coconut and a lot of snacks. Fresh coconut is the perfect drink for hydration, and it is also a good idea to drink after your hiking.

Can you swim at the Island?

The Island has water crystal clear and has an amazing turquoise colour. When you visit the Island, you have the chance to swim at the bottom in the calm water and explore the islands there. You also can do some small cliff jumping from one of the small islands in the middle of the lagoon.

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What do you need for this trip?

Heading out for a hike is a delightful way to explore nature, be sure to carry the proper equipment is critical. You can use a pair of sneakers, or light hiking boots are a good option for climbing the stairs. Don’t forget to wear a hat.  Apply sunscreen to your face is a must. Bring some water bottles, to stay hydrated. One essential thing you need to take is the camera. This place is one of the most breathtaking places on earth, so make sure you can take a lot of memories here!