Health kit essentials you need to carry when travelling


Travelling is about keeping your body active to explore a lot of things in your amazing destinations. And exploring new places is not cool when you are sick. Studies show that consuming vitamin C supplements not only can boost your immune system, but also can protect your body against infections. 

Still, a weak condition can happen, especially when your body is not ready to adapt in new places. Besides, there are also things that can occur beyond your expectation on the trip, such as small accidents or sudden illness. 

However, you can carry out some preparations for these emergency cases. It is also important to list all names of your medicines you will bring and place the list in separated bag, in case you lost your medicines somehow and somewhere. 

For particular health condition

Before you go on a trip, you should always evaluate your personal health. Talk to your doctor if you have any health issues or disease and all the given medicines from your doctor. Do not forget to bring the prescription letter as well because your medicines might be checked in arrival airport. 

Your basic medicines

Travelling to new places is a kind of challenge to the metabolism of your body. It changes the way you usually eat and sleep, especially when you go overseas. Think about the different time zone and the local food. In Asian countries, for instance, you will have to eat the way the local people serve you the food. Visiting countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, you will absolutely try the street food by any chance. For the case that your stomach is rejecting the food, why don’t you bring prebiotics and probiotics and anti-diarrhoea from home. It is not that you cannot find them in those countries, it is because you will need some time to find the apotheke when you really need it the most. And for the jet lag issue you can equip your trip with some sleeping tablets, earplugs and sleeping mask

Wherever you are going for vacation, accidents can happen at any time and place. So, always prepare some antiseptic, bandage tape, plasters and sterile dressings in your backpack. In addition, bringing some pain relievers will also benefit you when you accidentally injured.

You will also need antihistamines (anti-allergic tablets) and motion sickness medication for the whole trip. If you are planning to travel to tropical countries, then it is necessary to bring insect repellent and bite treatment

Moreover, tweezers, scissors, masks and birth control (condoms and pills) are also worth bringing.