Reasons Why Surfing Should Have Been Introduced to Your Kids


Surfing is one kind of water sports that providing both the fun as well as the dangerous side. If you think that it is fun for riding the waves, you should have also been thinking that in some sea areas, sharks are also being watching the surfers all over the world.

But no matter how dangerous the surfing is, there are reasons why your kids are even recommended to be introduced about it. Let’s see what are those and do they worth for the kids.

Introduce surfing to kids
  1. Since surfing itself is a sport, so in general it will be good for our health including for the kids.
  2. Improving swimming abilities since being the kids. Through surfing, kids will be helped in develop the navigating through water, waves and currents.
  3. Teach the kids about being balance on the surfboard and how to coordinate. Kids or even the teenagers are still developing their motor skills where surfing can help them in that.
  4. Good for their mentality and soul. Surfing is a sport that combine the swimming, the waves, and the courage. Not many people are dare to be inside the water so when the kids will be introduced to it since earlier, at least they may not getting a certain phobia relates to it.
  5. Close to nature. There are so many things you can do to be more close and commune to nature and one of them is to surf at the beach. Who would have guessed that it can also contribute in making the kids to appreciate the environment even more? It doesn’t rule out the possibility that in the future, they will also investing more in how to preserve the nature especially the beaches or ocean life.
  6. It can be an affordable and great exercise for many of us. At least, you will only need a surfboard and heading to beach to start getting all the benefits the surfing can gives you. If you have kids, I think it will also not only as one of the affordable exercise but surfing with your kids will also be the chance to be more closer to the kids in fun way.
  7. Kids are possible to be introduced in how to ride the waves even when they just got at age 2. So, you won’t wait for long just to show and join them in a surfing day.
  8. Surfing will also be a moment for the kids to know about the beach safety.
  9. Surfing is possible to make the kids to be more open up to the others. One of the kids “disability” where their parents are struggling with today is the shyness. Imagine if there will be some surfers at the beach around your kids doing the same thing as they are, I think kids will also be connected with them ever since they are practicing the same interest.
  10. Kids may have phobia or at least they are so vulnerable to many things that can cause them to be traumatized by anything. The interesting thing about surfing itself for them and all of us is it has the therapeutic benefits we can get. Therefore, surfing is not only mastering the skills, not only for fun, but it can even be used to helps us getting through some of our life’s challenges.

Surfing has been a family-friendly sport and exercise where there are no problem at all to introduces it to your kids as long as you are watching them carefully when they have been starting to ride the waves at the beach. And if you are interested with this, you’d better finds out the good surfboard for your kids now.